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Blake Zimmerman Houston

Power & Renewable Energy

About Blake Zimmerman

Blake Zimmerman, based in Houston, TX, is a Power and Renewable Energy Professional located in Houston, TX and serves in the oil and gas industry. With Texas being the second largest oil exporter, after Saudi Arabia, the power industry is slated to nearly quadruple within the next five years.

Blake is a proud alumni of Texas A&M, where he graduated with a B.S. in Engineering focused in Industrial Distribution in 1994. Always someone able to focus on a problem and come up with an effective solution, Blake has proved essential the companies that he’s worked for. With his passion for and knowledge of application engineering, PetroChem, Plastics, and system design, Blake has been able to transition those into a highly successful career.

Beginning in 1995, Blake was a Sales Engineer at The Tennant Company until 2000 when he made a transition to being a Managing Partner for Packaging Resources Inc until 2008. While serving at Packaging Resources Inc, Blake also served as an Account Manager for Praxair from 2006 to 2008.

2008 proved to be a pivotal year for Blake Zimmerman. He started the year out as the North American Sales Manager for Oil & Gas for Capstone Turbine Corporation. When the oil and gas market took a tumble, Blake decided that he was going to devote even more time to his family and bought a ranch about 45 minutes northwest of Houston in addition to buying a restaurant that’s been in his family since 1939. Blake is now a 3rd generation owner and has seen the restaurant through a remodel and brought a grand re-opening nearly a year and a half ago. With the initial success of the restaurant showing signs of long-running success, Blake’s wife began managing the restaurant and Blake returned to the world of oil and gas as a Senior Sales Executive at Enchanted Rock LTD in mid-2018.

Outside of using his expertise to further innovate within the oil and gas industry, Blake enjoys spending time with his wife and children. The family spends time going to the A&M Aggies football games, traveling, and enjoying live music festivals. The family are active members of the local country club, where Blake enjoys the occasional round of golf, and are viewed as pillars within their community through their work in the local chamber of commerce and giving back to their community. Also proud owners of a meat market, Blake and his family make sausage and smoked products for their local area.

For more information on Blake Zimmerman’s perspectives and thoughts on the oil and gas industry, be sure to check back often for recent updates.