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As households continue to increase their wages and living standards, the need for energy is ever-growing. While there are many options for how families can fuel their homes, such as coal or renewable energy, many forget about natural gas. Thanks to its reliability and versatility, natural gas is charging head first into becoming a necessity for American households.

Natural Gas Is Abundant

Over 30 states in the United States currently extract the resource, with Texas leading the charge. The world’s largest producer of natural gas is the United States, and that won’t change for some time, considering that there is over 623 trillion cubic feet of the resource untouched underground. In comparison, the country lags far behind China, Indonesia, and Australia in exporting coal, another energy commodity. With there being so much of the resource that hasn’t been touched, the United States can stay as exporting leader. Users of the energy source would not need to worry about tariffs that could increase costs of energy because it is locally sourced.

Natural Gas Is Domestically Sourced

Natural gas helps decrease our dependency on foreign energy since 96% of it is produced in the United States. It would be less costly to import energy sources and would allow for new job opportunities. The producing locations would undergo an economic boom and would be the perfect locations to find work. Any surplus could then be exported to other countries such as China, Indonesia or Russia that don’t produce the resource as readily.

Natural Gas is Affordable

Thanks to the abundance of the resource, natural gas is quite affordable for households. Companies continuously improve their technology to create efficient production through hydraulic fracturing and drilling. With those improvements, producers can extract more natural gas at a lower expense. Companies will continue to work on existing technology to increase the company revenue which will lead to advancements at a quicker rate.

Natural Gas Is Dependable

A significant benefit of using natural gas over electricity is the fact that natural gas is passed through underground pipelines. When storms knock down electricity lines, you won’t need to worry about losing power. Households don’t need to worry about losing power as much as others would. While this may not be a problem if you are living alone or it is off for just a few hours, larger families or power outages that last longer than a day would be detrimental.

As a business owner, you would deal with worse consequences. Without power, you couldn’t run your store and that means lost revenue. If you own a restaurant, you can say goodbye to all the refrigerated products you had.

Natural Gas Is A Clean Fossil Fuel

The energy source releases less than half the amount of other fossil fuels, resulting in natural gas being the cleanest fossil fuel. With a focus on reducing air pollution, coal will begin to lose market share and natural gas will take its place.